European Delivery Program
Meet your new Mercedes-Benz at the place where it was born.
When you visit the factory to pick up your vehicle and see the museum, your experiences become part of the Mercedes-Benz story. The Mercedes-Benz story is one of invention, innovation, and engineering leadership second to no other manufacturer. The first automobile was designed and manufactured in 1886 by Karl Benz. Mercedes-Benz lays claim to over 100,000 patents and we continue today as the premier leader in development of new advanced automotive technology.

Whether you're winding your way through snow-capped villages, or venturing into the majestic countryside, there's no better place to immerse yourself in the Mercedes-Benz experience. That´s why we created the European Delivery Program.

With European Delivery, you'll not only enjoy "The best or nothing" against the backdrop of Germany, you can also save up to 7% on your vehicle's MSRP*, depending on the model (discounts vary, not all models are included, and not all models are available).