Why Mercedes-Benz-Approved Tires?

MBUSA Tire Program only includes tires that are approved for use on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. All tires in the program were selected to provide the performance and comfort characteristics specified by Mercedes-Benz.

Daimler AG performs extensive evaluations to determine which tires are best suited for use on Mercedes-Benz vehicles covering many areas, such as wet and dry traction, stability, tread life, acoustics, rolling resistance (fuel economy) and comfort, in addition to the basic requirements of load and speed ratings. These evaluations determine which brands and tire types will be approved for use on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

While any tire of the specified size, speed and load rating may be fitted to any Mercedes-Benz vehicle, one should be aware that tires not specifically approved by Mercedes-Benz for use on its vehicle may not provide the safety, performance and comfort intended by Mercedes-Benz for your vehicle.

MBUSA Tire Program provides options in all approved sizes to meet most customers' brand preferences. Our tires are competitively priced and offer high technology further proving that a Mercedes-Benz dealership with its Certified Service is the best place a Mercedes-Benz owner can get the correct tires for their vehicle. 

Mercedes-Benz Road Hazard Coverage

Life happens and you can't always be prepared. That's why Mercedes-Benz has Road Hazard Coverage. Read more about it here

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Mercedes-Benz Tires 

Do you need new tires? Do you need winter tires? Are you unsure of what type of tire you need or don't know how to read your tire's sidewall? Check out the resources below for all of your tire needs! 

Mercedes-Benz Tire Types 

Mercedes-Benz has tires for all different vehicles types and consumer needs. It can be difficult to know which tire you need. That's why we have this handy brochure to help you! 

Mercedes-Benz Winter Tires

Speaking of tire types, winter tires are incredibly important for your vehicle. Read more about our winter tires here

How to Read a Tire Sidewall

It is very important to know how to read your tire's sidewall. The sidewall contains a lot of important information that may otherwise be a hassle to find if you don't know how to read your tire's sidewall. Learn how to read your tire's sidewall here

Tread Depth and Stopping Distance

Your tire's tread depth is important in determining when you need new tires, among other things. One of these things is your stopping distance. Know how much your tread depth affects your stopping distance by clicking here.

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